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Atsko Sno-Seal UV Killer Camo Blaze Orange Vest

Atsko Sno-Seal UV Killer Camo Blaze Orange Vest

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New U-V-Killer® Camo is solid blaze orange but it is also camouflage and it is superior to both. It takes advantage of the huge difference between human vision and deer vision, so that while it blends into the deer’s natural background while to humans it will be seen as 100% blaze orange.

The U-V-Killer Camo vest has Velcro straps and elastic sides. This vest provides a wide range of size adjusments.

U-V-Killer® Camo complies with the recommendations of the International Hunter Education Association for blaze orange (dominant wavelength 595-605nm, excitation purity not less than 85% and luminance factor not less than 40%). U-V-Killer® Camo is fade resistant to keep you safer, longer.

U-V-Killer® Camo is identified by pattern and Logo only when viewed by ultraviolet light. The invisible pattern assures you of the unsurpassed safety of blaze orange while providing superior camouflage to the eyes of game animals.

In daylight deer see all other blaze orange as a frightening blue glow. This is because ordinary blaze orange contains UV brightening dyes that glow as a bright blue which is at the peak of the deer’s visual sensitivity. U-V-Killer® Camo contains no UV Brighteners so to deer it appears only as a dull yellow/brown camouflage and blends perfectly into the deer’s yellow daylight world.

In low light deer see better, sharper and brighter than humans. Ordinary blaze orange glows white and spooks game because of energy gathered by UV Brighteners. U-V-Killer® Camo does not glow. Deer will see only patterns of muted gray that blends into the natural background.

To maintain the optical properties of your U-V-Killer® Camo Vest, wash it in cool water with Sport-Wash® residue-free detergent. Sport-Wash® contains No UV-Brighteners, removes odors and maximizes performance of all high tech fabrics. Sport-Wash® restores repellency, wicking, breathability and rapid drying.

No detergent can wash away UV Brighteners, however you can treat your existing Blaze Orange and Camouflage clothing with
U-V-Killer®. It eliminates the blue glow making it less visible to birds and animals. A UV Light, that reveals the pattern and Logo of U-V-Killer® Camo, will enable you to determine which pieces have UV Brighteners and must be treated to see more animals.

  • Eliminates the ultraviolet glow that spooks game animals.
  • Digital pattern provides excellent camouflage.
  • Seen as solid Blaze Orange by humans.
  • Lightweight, breathable,durable and fade resistant.
  • Meets the Hunter Education recommendations.
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