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Hurtta Warming Midlayer ECO. Desert

Hurtta Warming Midlayer ECO. Desert

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  The soft and comfy Midlayer ECO dog jacket is a lifesaver in cold and chilly weather, and it’s now even warmer thanks to the addition of a unique foil jersey warming lining that you may recognise from another Hurtta favourite, the cold-busting Extreme Warmer. Another highlight you’ll love in this new jacket is the front leg openings which give the dog extra room to move more freely.

Sporting and active dogs in particular will benefit greatly from a warming jacket. It's important to keep your dog’s muscles soft and warm while waiting between agility or obedience training sessions and performances. Extra warming is important for older dogs too to help soothe aching joints and make moving around easier.

The outer fabric of the Warming Midlayer ECO is a soft, recycled ECO honeycomb fleece. The inner layer features the warming foil jersey lining which has proven to be a very functional and trusted material among dog lovers. The foil lining actively reflects the dog's body heat back to the dog, making it an effective heater. And the soft materials are virtually rustle-free, making the jacket suitable for dogs that are sensitive to noisy sounds. The Warming Midlayer ECO dog jacket is also an excellent choice as a first garment for dogs who are not accustomed to wearing apparel.

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