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Petpals, Cinnamon Brown 5 Level Cat Tree With Weaved Bowls

Petpals, Cinnamon Brown 5 Level Cat Tree With Weaved Bowls

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 5 Level Cat Tree

It is no secret that cats love to climb, it’s part of their instincts to go up high to hunt and away from predators even when they are safe in your home. This 5 level cat tree will keep your cat active and stimulate their instincts even if they are indoor cats. The two handwoven bowls give your cat the option to choose where they want to take a nap. While not only stimulating their instincts, they have a place to rub up against. All instructions and tools come included along with an instruction manual to help you out every step of the way.

Cat Tree Features:
• Paper Rope scratching post
• Handwoven bowls
• Rubber Massager
• Instruction and tools included


-For added security/stability firmly secure screws onto furniture, place them against walls or corners.                      

- Regularly inspect the product and re-tighten screws when and if necessary.                                                                       

-Supervise first-time use, not every activity is suited for every cat. Remove if not appropriate.                  

-Indoor use only. Keep away from children, this is not a toy for children.                                         

-Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any damage caused by cat trees on floors, surfaces, or objects.                                               

-Clean with a lint roller, brush, or small vacuum.       

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