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Catry Cat Bloom Double Sunflower Sisal Scratching Post

Catry Cat Bloom Double Sunflower Sisal Scratching Post

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Flower Cat Scratcher: Double Sunflower Sisal Scratching Post

Introducing the Catry Cat Bloom Double Sunflower Sisal Scratching Post, a unique blend of functionality and beauty. This compact cat scratching post stands out with its vibrant sunflower design, adding a touch of nature's allure to your home décor.

  • Aesthetic Sunflower Design: Inspired by nature, the double sunflower design not only serves as an eye-catching piece but also provides a playful space for your cat.
  • Dual Angled Scratch Pads: Two ergonomically angled jute scratching pads allow for satisfying stretches and scratching, catering to your cat's natural instincts.
  • Natural Sisal Post: At its core, a durable sisal post promotes healthy nail care, ensuring a dedicated space for your feline friend to scratch.
  • Ideal for All Cats: Designed to accommodate cats of all sizes and ages, this scratching post is perfect for both vigorous play and leisurely scratching.

Transform your space with the Catry Cat Bloom, a small cat tree that promises durability and style, making it an essential addition for cat lovers seeking to combine pet-friendly functionality with interior design flair.

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