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Catry, Minimalist Cat Tree with Scratching Post, Rope, and Toys

Catry, Minimalist Cat Tree with Scratching Post, Rope, and Toys

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Minimalist Cat Tree

This is a great cat tree to keep your kitten entertained and relaxed all day long. From sharpening their claws to simply lying around or playing with the hanging toy, this large scratching post is a must-have for your cat. What makes this cat post different is its size. Most cat posts are usually too small and unstable making it hard for them to actually use and maintain their nails. So, we took our regular cat post and expanded it to 3x times the regular size.

This beautiful cat playground is made with a combination of fleece and sisal rope that keeps your cat entertained. The scratching post is composed of 100% all-natural sisal ropes. It is more firm and tough, and also longer-lasting. The high-quality MDF board makes the base durable and the entire tower construction more stable. Your kitten is safe and can have any fun she or he would like. This cat post with sisal ropes and toy pom poms offers a great place to enjoy for your adult cats. When you are not at home, the cat tree scratching post for kittens will keep your pet away from scratching your furniture and destroying your sofa.


  • Allows your cats to perch on top or use it as a stepping stool.
  • The TALL scratch post is composed of high-quality felt, all-natural sisal ropes, and an MDF board.
  • Designed with 2 pom-poms to attract and entertain cats.
  • Natural Sisal rope keeps cats’ nails trimmed, strong, and healthy.
  • Measures 32” in height perfect for any sized cat while taking up as little space as possible.


-For added security/stability firmly secure screws onto furniture, place them against walls or corners.                       

- Regularly inspect the product and re-tighten screws when and if necessary.                                                                        

-Supervise first-time use, not every activity is suited for every cat. Remove if not appropriate.                   

-Indoor use only. Keep away from children, this is not a toy for children.                                          

-Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any damage caused by cat trees on floors, surfaces, or objects.                                                

-Clean with a lint roller, brush, or small vacuum.                          

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